Welcome to my homepage. Please check the social links above to learn more about me. I am a tech geek and liberal who loves GNU/Linux and Free/Libre and Open Source Software.

On GNU Social I post opinion pieces and general updates. On MediaGoblin I post product reviews and gaming vids. On Libre.fm, the Internet Archive, and occasionally MediaGoblin, I post  music. Contacts are through GNU Social or, otherwise, eMail.

I do not blog here, this is just an info site for those who are interested, and an online hub across the Interwebs.

To the side you will find soyme of my recent activity thanks to the wonders of RSS. Not all of it, but the majority of it. Mainly I post opinions on gnusocial and gaming on goblinrefuge.

This site is not a blog; if you want to see my blogging view my mediagoblin. Only subscribe if you wish to contact me regularly or you know me on another of my social networks.

This site is best read on a widescreen device or in a window with a wide browsing area. (16:9 or wider) Otherwise the title may be hard to read.

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